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Chris Evans SLAMS Donald Trump for his oblivious tweet on COVID-19; Calls him 'foolish to a stunning degree'

 Chris Evans SLAMS Donald Trump for his oblivious tweet on COVID-19; Calls him 'foolish to a stunning degree'


Chris Evans simply pounded US President Donald Trump for his negligent tweet about COVID treatment, peer down to see what the Avengers star said.

Chris Evans has a remark to the President, who recently tweeted that he will leave the clinic today after doing combating Coronavirus for as long as not many days.

If you missed it, on Monday (October 5), Donald Trump tweeted, "I will leave the incomparable Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling great! Try not to fear COVID. Try not to let it overwhelm your life. We have made, under the Trump Administration, some really phenomenal drugs and data. I feel in a manner that is superior to I finished 20 years back!"

Today, Chris posted on his own Twitter account accordingly, "Don't fear COVID?! You've been under nonstop consideration by the best specialists utilizing the best medications. Do you truly think everybody approaches that?! Unfortunately, I'm certain you're mindful of that divergence, you simply couldn't care less. This is crazy to a stunning degree, in any event, for you." 



On the off chance that you missed it, the Avengers star got open about investigating a vocation in governmental issues on Real Time with Bill Maher and uncovered that while he's keen regarding the matter, he doesn't "realize that enough will generally" have the option to achieve anything in legislative issues.

To which TV show has Bill Maher reacted, "Tune in, I'm not pushing you to run or not run, yet I simply need to clarify you of this a certain something," he said. He knows nothing. Try not to do it since you would prefer not to do it, not because you think you know short of what they do. Since they don't need to know anything, and a significant number of them don't."


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