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Hina Khan on vamp tag: Bigg Boss extended me like that since it was working for them

 Hina Khan on vamp tag: Bigg Boss extended me like that since it was working for them


Hina Khan shed her bahu picture to be important for unscripted TV dramas, however, Bigg Boss 11 had extended her like a b***h. Here, she clarifies how she took that on her step and proceeded onward; watch her explosive meet inside.

Hina Khan reappeared in Bigg Boss 14 as toofani senior seven days prior.From that point forward, she's kept up her honorable remain on things and has been amazingly reasonable for the game. In any case, when she got secured inside the house as a competitor during the show's eleventh season, Hina's picture had gone for a throw.

While on-screen, she played the mild Akshara and individuals related her to that, she needed to leap out of the container "I had done Yeh Rishta for quite a while and I expected to break out of that image since disdain Akshara using any and all means. I began doing these unscripted TV dramas like Khatron and Bigg Boss which gave an altogether different side of me to the crowd," she reasons.

Be that as it may, Bigg Boss gave her a nearly 'vamp' tag. Her frightful battles and terrible explanations were featured more which gave an alternate discernment about Hina to the crowd. During our Untold Story section, she tends to it and lets us know, "obviously. it was an intentional move. I concur I'm defective, I commit errors and I'm no God. In a day itself, we spread love, we share great vibes, we embrace one another, and here and there, we bitch. Now and then, we do say that we don't care for someone in particular. Presently, it relies upon them what they need to show." She rapidly includes, "Yet it is additionally not their deficiency. They're running a show, they don't have a clue what will work. In a split-seconds rating from the crowd, they choose. So they resemble, 'When Hina makes a commotion or she bitches, it's working. So how about we show that.' But it's not generally compulsory that what you watch is the full truth. There is a story previously, then after the fact; you see the responses, you don't get the opportunity to see the activity."

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